Adelaide Eye Care is a team of experienced, local Optometrists along with frame & lens experts. We have been part of the Adelaide community since 1982, and proud to provide comprehensive eye and vision care for the whole family – throughout all stages of life.

We are passionate about enhancing people’s quality of life through improving their sight and protecting eye health for life. We value our long professional relationships with our patients. When you consult us, we will spend the time to get to know your needs and understand how you use your eyes at work and play. Any recommendations are specifically tailored to you with follow up and discussion when you are next in.

Adelaide Eye Care are famous for our contact lens expertise. We are not fazed by challenging eyes and have a long history of looking after people with high prescriptions and uncommon eye conditions like keratoconus. We can potentially enhance your quality of life by fitting all types of contact lenses and finding the right one for you.

Our commitment to excellence drives us to stay at the forefront of the industry, ensuring you have access to the latest frame fashions and the best designs of spectacle lenses to optimise your looks, visual clarity and comfort.